About us

Founded in 2005, Soco is a leading digital entertainment platform in Shanghai China, and provides online games, cartoon, comics, animation, and internet services to enable users to enjoy exceptional entertaining experience anytime and anywhere.

Soco is also the most professional, reputable and and all in one games publisher for Western developers in China. Soco specializes in improving monetization, right localization and customized promotion for Western developer’s PC game; mobile game, H5 games in Chinese market.

Soco own famous brand IP - -Veggies, which include Music, books, game, Emoji and other cultural products etc. Veggies cartoon is recommended as Excellent Chinese Cartoon by SARFT(State Administration of Radio Film and Television). Veggies Characters won International Competition Cooperation Mascot of the WTA Tianjin Open.

Soco invested dozens of entertainment venture companies such as game developing&publishing studio; AR/VR content studio; Comics and Idol Manager studio etc.